Important Satellite Changes! Deadline: June 30

This note is to alert you to an extremely important announcement regarding the satellite distribution of ALL Talk Media Network programming delivered to affiliates via the Westwood One XDS (X-Digital Satellite) platform.

The satellite that the US Commercial radio network industry has used for 35 years (AMC-8) is reaching end of life. There will NOT be a replacement satellite at the same position so ALL radio networks must move to a new satellite at a different orbital position. All radio stations who use programming from the AMC-8 satellite will need to re-point their downlink antennas (dishes) in 2017. We will be transmitting on BOTH satellites from February 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017 to make the transition as smooth as possible.

We wanted to alert you to this major announcement so that your station(s) can make preparations for the satellite move.

CLICK HERE for the press release announcing the satellite move and HERE for a Q&A regarding the move. We highly encourage you to review these documents so that you are educated about the process and the preparation needed in order to make the change. Dishes which meet the technical requirements provided by the networks should work properly on either satellite. Smaller or damaged dishes may need replacement so please review the FAQ to determine if your dish is still suitable.

While there is time until the switch happens, you need to make plans for this sooner rather than later. Please reach out to the Westwood One Technical Services team at the contact information listed on the attached documents. For the latest documents and information:

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