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Mike Ferguson is a valuable & trusted Host you want on your station’s team.

American Viewpoints with Mike Ferguson

NEVER air a boring Public Affairs show ever again.

American Viewpoints is a News/Talk radio show that doesn’t just inform, it empowers.

American Viewpoints is a weekly news, opinion, and public affairs radio show featuring interviews with newsmakers, authors, and activists from a variety of perspectives

By the end of each week’s show, you’ll have new information you can use, on a variety of hot topics and issues.

American Viewpoints is so much more than just a way for your station to get show issue reports for your FCC Public File — It’s a program that stands out on your weekends and gives your audience a great reason to pay attention to your station.

Mike’s interview style always keeps your listeners in mind while engaging news, culture, and public affairs topics in a way that fights to keep and attract your audience. He knows how to keep their interest in the moment and leave them with information they can use.

While Mike is an unapologetic conservative libertarian, or “conservatarian”, his thoughtful but direct approach to interviewing appeals to people across the ideological and political spectrums. The conversations are both smart enough to intrigue News/Talk enthusiasts and simple enough to relate to a general audience.

Mike is the guy you want to have coffee with because he brings something interesting to the conversation… and that’s why your audience will like him and American Viewpoints.


Mike Ferguson, Host of American Viewpoints

Mike Ferguson

Mike Ferguson has been an elected official, a news reporter, a business owner, and a talk show host. Over the last 21+ years, he’s brought insightful, fun, and important conversations to the radio. He also hosts weekday mornings on NewsTalk STL, and is the afternoon drive personality in both Columbia (on 93.9 The Eagle) and Jefferson City, MO (on NewsRadio KWOS 950 AM & 104.5 FM). Previously, Mike was the afternoon drive host in Kansas City (on KCMO Talk Radio 103.7 FM & 710 AM).

He’s been a news reporter, news anchor, news director, public affairs director, program director, communications consultant, television producer, and talk show host. Ferguson learned the business the best way: by working his way up from the entry level and learning every step of the way. That, combined with his dedication to keeping up with listening and programming trends, equips him to deliver a listener-centric experience each week that meets your programming needs.

Mike is an avid baseball fan. His personal interests include reading, fitness and Judo. Mike’s favorite topics to read about are history (particularly biographies and autobiographies), economics and current events.

Mike Ferguson combines 21+ years’ experience in broadcasting with his experience in journalism, local government (both appointed and elected positions), business management, and politics to American Viewpoints.

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39:50 Show | 15:10 Local | 5:00 Network

Length: 1 Hour

Satellite: Westwood One XDS

Feeds: Sundays 6am-7am ET

Show Debut: October 2020

Syndicated Since: June 2021

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