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ERSKINE: Daring to investigate TRUTH

Using his wit and humor, Erskine has entertained millions of listeners over the past 30 years.

Fast-paced, fun and informative, Erskine Radio delivers with ideas and concerns for your social, political and economic life. You’ll hear from guests and learn about timely content not heard on other radio or TV programs.

The key to Erskine’s long running success has been diversity. While many hosts focus only on politics, or some specific direction, Erskine has always felt that we as individuals are made up of many interests – and so he covers those with the best guests around. His past guests have included:

— Dr. Timothy Ball – The first Canadian to ever receive a Ph.D. in Climatology
— Judge Jeanine Pirro – Best selling author, FOX News contributor
— William Binney – Former 30-year high level veteran of the National Security Agency
— Sidney Powell – Best selling author of Licensed to Lie, DOJ attorney for 10 years, named one of the best lawyers in America
— Dr. Jerome Corsi Ph.D. – 7-time Best-selling author
— Victor Davis Hanson – American classicist, military historian, columnist and commentator
— David Horowitz – Best selling author and founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center
— LTG Honoré – Retired 3-star Army commanding general, author, national speaker, led the recovery of hurricane Katrina.
— Charles B. Simone, M.MS., M.D. – Internist, medical and radiation oncologist, Founder: Simone Protective Cancer Institute, Former Commander Bethesda Naval Hospital
— And so many others in the fields of economics, politics, medicine, intelligence, journalism, military and business.

Erskine’s 3-hour shows are the results of true research into his guests, having read their books, researched their backgrounds and making himself ready to bring hard hitting questions and ideas to his listeners. Erskine delivers week after week with shows that are unique and engaging. Erskine has pledged to:

— Maintaining his quality of programming from his nearly 30 years of national local and satellite syndication
— Serving stations across America from Alaska to Puerto Rico and overseas
— Continuing his A-list newsmakers and news breakers
— Affiliate friendly and supportive for their success
— No added talent fee for live reads for his sponsors


ABOUT Erskine

Erskine successfully dares to investigate the truth, examine the mysterious, and enjoy the humorous. He is a man of many talents having a background in entertainment, investigation, business enterprise, and mingling with the famous here and abroad.

Listeners will appreciate this energetic breath of fresh air, and your advertisers will recognize the success from well established, long-running and positive programs.

Erskine has been recognized throughout his career for his work, including as the recipient of the following:
— Sacred Fire of Liberty award
— Voice of Liberty award
— Excellence In Health Journalism award

His goals are simple: to provide entertainment, enlightenment, and enjoyment.

Erskine returns radio to FUN and Quality, “the way it should be.”

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Satellite: Westwood One XDS

Feeds: Saturdays 10pm-1am ET

Show Debut: July 1989

Syndicated Since: January 1999

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