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Gary On Guns with Gary Nolan

Question: What’s better than Gary On Guns this weekend?


Answer: Gary On Guns every weekend.

Gary on Guns is the fastest firearms hour on radio. Never before have you learned so much about guns, shooting, firearms laws, and the 2nd Amendment, while having so much fun!

Hosted by “America’s Voice of Liberty” Gary Nolan, and his former law enforcement & current firearms instructor co-host Scott Van Kirk, Gary on Guns delivers on the latest news, legal cases, law changes, and important information any law abiding gun owner should know when purchasing, maintaining and using their firearms.

Highly sought after guests share their insights, along with firearms retailers, manufacturers, and trainers, along with listener calls, questions and stories.

You’ll enjoy hanging out with the gun guys, Gary & Scott. It only takes hearing the show one time… and quite often your listeners will want to make Gary on Guns a part of their weekend routine.

Give the masses what they want! Give them Gary on Guns.


Gary Nolan, Host of Gary on Guns

Gary Nolan

Gary Nolan has been “America’s Voice of Liberty” for more than a decade, reaching millions with his message of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and constitutionally-limited government. His nationally syndicated and local radio shows entertain listeners with insightful political commentary and substantive public policy debate featuring numerous high-profile guests.

In addition to hosting his nightly radio show, Gary served as President of Washington-based “Capitol Watch” from 1997 to 1999, working to defend American taxpayers from “higher taxes and wasteful spending.” Since 2004, in addition to hosting his daily radio show, he continues to promote small government ideals as Chairman of the Board for “Downsize DC”, whose “Read the Bills Act” has been introduced to the Senate by Rand Paul. Their “One Subject at a Time Act” was introduced to the House by Representative Tom Marino with multiple co-sponsors. Additionally, Gary serves as the United States Director for the Citizens Freedom Alliance, an organization working to protect private property rights across the nation.

His political savvy & expertise on a wide range of issues make him a formidable debater resulting in frequent appearances on national television, including ABC’s “World News Tonight,” CNN, FOX, FOX News Channel, MSNBC and C-SPAN.

Scott Van Kirk

Scott Van Kirk is a former law enforcement officer and a certified firearms instructor. More than anything, Scott enjoys disassembling and reassembling firearms.

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