Joe Sparra


Joe is well known and respected in radio broadcasting. For nearly 25 years, he has been at the forefront of marketing an evolving portfolio of nationally syndicated talk radio programs. Joe takes great pride in his work supporting the men and women who get the job done at the station level, by providing them complete affiliate support, however and whenever they need it. He’s a Pro’s Pro when it comes to affiliate service.

Joe has worked with shows in many different phases of growth and different topical areas. His breadth of experience gives him a great point of reference in assisting you in finding your next radio program, one that fits your programming approach, goals, and current station lineup.

Joe Sparra is the newest member of our growing Talk Media Network family, and is a natural fit, because of our shared passion for talk radio and commitment to affiliate-first service. Joe has personally helped more than 700 radio stations add quality talk radio programming.

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