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About Free Talk Live

Free Talk Live is one of the most successful independent shows in the past 15 years in all of talk radio.

Free Talk Live is the entertaining, pro-freedom radio show your listeners have been waiting to hear! Program Directors have called Free Talk Live “smart”, “cutting edge”, “fun”, “young and refreshing”, “exciting”, and “the next generation of issues oriented talk.”

Free Talk Live is Talk Radio’s Reckoning with the principles of freedom.

Free Talk Live is an open phones panel discussion featuring hosts with a pro-liberty viewpoint that is truly unique in syndicated radio. Listeners are invited to engage the hosts and guests for substantive discussions many talk show hosts don’t allow and even fear.

Free Talk Live encourages listeners to reject the red team / blue team mentality, question authority, and think for themselves.

Ditch the predictable and go with the show that delivers every day of the week — Free Talk Live.

The next generation of talk radio is here

The next generation of talk radio is here, right now. Ian and Mark bring talk radio into the 21st century.

Ken Pauli
PD, WFTL AM, West Palm Beach, FL

These guys are pros

Lively, topical, young, focused on the listener, and irreverent, but not juvenile and stupid. These guys are pros.

David Bernstein
Legendary Talk Programmer, WOR, WBZ, WRKO, & many more

Fresh and thought-provoking

Our WNYY listeners are extremely active listeners and they love to tell us how much they love or hate the views presented on Free Talk Live, both weekdays and the weekend edition. The perspectives and content is something fresh and thought-provoking in this Ivy League town.

Dave Vieser
APD, WNYY AM, Ithaca, NY

FTL is the way to go

If you are a station wanting something that will add some spice to your evening lineup, FTL is the way to go!

J.R. Smith
PD, KBYO FM, Monroe, LA

21st Century talk for today and tomorrow

21st Century talk for today and tomorrow… Miss it and you’ll miss a lot.

Mike Mangan
GM, WSTP AM, Salisbury, NC

Smart, witty and thought-provoking

Free Talk Live is great talk radio… very entertaining. And by entertaining I mean smart, witty and thought-provoking. It’s the perfect night-time alternative to more-of-the-same political talk.

Randall Bloomquist
President, Bloomquist Media

Ian and Mark grab your attention and make you think

Scratching their nails across the blackboard of talk radio, Ian and Mark grab your attention and make you think. Add FTL for a refreshing change from the normal fare.

Dave Evans
PD, WVTS AM, Charleston, WV

FTL is a dynamic, interactive, live show that has brought new life to my weekend lineup!

Dan Gaffney
PD, WGMD FM, Rehoboth Beach, DE

A point of view rarely heard on talk radio

FTL exposes people to a point of view rarely heard on talk radio yet widely held by the general public.

Mark Jones
OM, WVBG AM, Vicksburg, MS

Good, live, compelling programming

No insane contracts, no added inventory and good, live, compelling programming. I think FTL would work on almost any talk format.

Mike Lundgren
General Manager, KCAA AM & KTAE AM, Riverside, CA & Cameron, TX

A weekend talk show that’s live and hip

Finally a weekend talk show that’s live and hip! It’s the best of both worlds with Free Talk Live.

Keith Malinak
PD, WSCC FM, Charleston, SC
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About the Hosts

ian freeman and mark edge of free talk live radio show

Ian Freeman
Starting as an intern at a rock station when he was 17, Ian cut his teeth in both music and news/talk for five years until late 2002, when Free Talk Live was born. Ian hosts the show and performs most of the behind-the-scenes duties including affiliate relations, webmastering, and engineering. He is a seasoned activist who formerly considered himself a libertarian, but has since embraced voluntaryism.

Mark Edge
Mark was born and raised in the southern Tampa Bay area of Florida. With a practical, gritty edge, Mark has been on the air for 20+ years. Although he held office as a Republican for several terms, his politics doesn’t always jibe with others that call themselves Republicans. Mark believes peace and human liberty are the best solutions to any problem and that the U.S. has turned its back on these ideals. As a student of history and economics, he holds out hope that the US can return to constitutional restraints, but wonders when it is time to abandon the ship of state.

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Free Talk Live and its hosts have been widely recognized for the past 15+ years:

FTL is now heard on nearly 200 radio stations every week.

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