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Our Auto Expert is a two-hour weekly show featuring in-depth, behind-the-scenes looks at cars, trucks, SUVs and the automotive industry. Internationally renown auto expert Nik Miles literally travels the globe to bring you pre-release test drives, his on-track racing experiences, and aggressive off-roading adventures of new, or soon-to-be available, vehicles at dealerships across the U.S.

Our Auto Expert also includes interviews and information from top executives and car companies from around the world, with a concentration on technology and EV charging infrastructure.

How is Our Auto Expert different from other radio shows? Nik is not a mechanic and this is not a repair or ‘how to’ show to fix your vehicle. Other than that … Nik covers it all! Automotive, automotive technology, transportation, the automotive business, electric cars, car technology, and even motorcycles. If it has wheels and motor, Nik will drive it, and put it to the test so you know if it’s worth spending your hard earned dollars on.

Our Auto Expert is a 360 degree look at the world of America’s favorite pastime: the automobile

Our Auto Expert, Nik Miles

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The highly-sponsorable :30 second Our Auto Expert daily vignettes provide entertaining and informative daily reports designed to appeal to automobile enthusiasts and casual consumers alike. The vignettes are hosted by auto expert Nik Miles and features reviews and the latest news from the world of automobiles.

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Our Auto Expert, Nik Miles
Nik Miles

Born in England, Nik has worked for the BBC, Tribune Broadcasting, CBS, Entercom, and many major broadcast network companies.

Nik has six dogs, Porsche, Samwise, Bilbo, Frodo, Galadriel, and Arwen, and has spent many years rescuing needy animals.

Nik spends their free time at his house in Portland, Oregon, riding his Motorcycle and working will local charitable organizations.

Whenever Nik appears on TV, he wears Union Jack socks. This is his tribute to his homeland.

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