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John Kruse, the longtime host of Northwestern Outdoors Radio, looks beyond the Northwest as the experienced outdoors writer and radio broadcaster looks at ways to fish, hunt, hike, camp, and paddle your way across North America with America Outdoors Radio.

John shares the latest tips and advice from experts on the water and in the field, along with uncovering great outdoor recreation opportunities and destinations. He also brings you the latest in outdoors news from around the nation.

Talk radio programmers and listeners have been racing to America Outdoors Radio as it now airs on 90+ stations.

John loves sharing his passion for our great outdoors, and your listeners will appreciate you sharing America Outdoors Radio with them.

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John Kruse
A native of the Pacific Northwest, John Kruse is an experienced outdoors writer and radio broadcaster who has had the opportunity to fish, hunt, hike, camp, and paddle his way across a good portion of North America. John has written magazine articles for a number of publications and is the author of “Great Places Washington”. John is also the long time host of “Northwestern Outdoors Radio”, an award winning radio show heard on over 60 stations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

John shares an enthusiasm for the outdoors that is contagious! He loves to find experts in the field to teach both him and you better ways to catch fish, hunt game, and have fun outdoors! John is always looking for great destinations to share and keeps an eye out for conservation issues of importance. He is also not afraid to cover tough topics and ruffle a few feathers. After all, when it comes to the outdoors, we all want to keep them open and accessible with bountiful game, fish and opportunities for our children!

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