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Since Legends Of Success debut in January 2002, the show has been broadcast on over 170 stations across America. Join John Resnick every week for a unique radio program featuring insights from our country’s most successful entrepreneurs, entertainment icons, and members of the prestigious Forbes 400 List.

Whether its Steve Forbes talking about the about the history of Forbes Magazine, Jack Welch and his leadership of General Electric for 20 years, William Lauder sharing the incredible growth of The Estee Lauder Companies or Kenneth Feld discussing the animal stars of the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus, listeners are treated to an entertaining and educational hour with the people whose companies have become household names.

“Legends of Success is a well established program without equal in its category.” says Josh Leng, CEO & Founder of Talk Media Network. “John Resnick’s ability to secure and engage the biggest names in business and entertainment on his program, make it an appointment listening radio show, and a valuable sponsorship opportunity for affiliate stations.”

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John Resnick’s show is exceptional

John Resnick’s show is exceptional from guests to production and I know our listeners enjoy hearing it.

Keith Lyons
Managing Partner, KBNP Radio, Portland
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John Resnick
Legends of Success was inspired by the stories host John Resnick learned from his clients of his estate planning and business succession firm. John’s experience of presenting educational seminars for some of America’s most successful family-owned businesses combined with his background in the entertainment business has brought a unique perspective to the show. “I continue to hear incredible stories from people who started their own business with absolutely nothing,” John says. “Many of them made extraordinary sacrifices to take a shot at achieving their dream. Their stories deserve to be told – they are true American role models.”

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